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If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime in Beverly Hills, it is vital that you consult with a defense attorney at our firm without delay. Unlike many criminal defense lawyers that only defend clients in adult court, our law partners are well-versed in the Juvenile Justice System and the Welfare and Institutions Code. Our Beverly Hills juvenile defense lawyers provide an aggressive defense for our juvenile clients, protecting their rights today to ensure their futures. A conviction for a juvenile offense can have major negative consequences for the individual involved and we can provide numerous legal options to help avoid a conviction.

Juvenile Crimes in Beverly Hills

Your child may be charged with a DUI, petty theft, shoplifting, vandalism, drug crimes, gang crimes, vehicular theft, carjacking, weapons offenses, assault, battery, sex crimes, or violent crimes. If your child’s constitutional rights were violated in the matter, the entire criminal case may be dropped or dismissed. In addition to this, your defense lawyer can negotiate with the appropriate authorities to prevent your child from being treated as an adult in any legal proceeding. We also represent individuals in juvenile court, where they can be held in custody until they reach adulthood. Our legal team always searches for and presents rehabilitation options for juveniles to the appropriate authorities, in lieu of incarceration. With our more than 50 years of criminal law experience in both adult and juvenile courts, Eisner Gorin LLP apply legal strategies we have learned to mitigate the sentencing of juveniles.

Let a Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyer Help You

Our attorneys have many years of experience working with juveniles and the juvenile court system. We always give our juvenile clients and their families the responsive and thorough attention they need and deserve. We understand the critical importance a juvenile crime can play in the life of a young person and his or her family and we do everything in our power to give your son or daughter the chance to walk away from this experience and move towards a successful and productive life.

If your son or daughter is facing juvenile criminal charges in Beverly Hills, contact our law firm today!

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