Frequently Asked Questions

The police officers involved write their reports, get witness statements, run background checks, and investigate the situation before submitting everything to an investigating detective. This can be an important time for a defense lawyer at our firm to intervene on your behalf and impact the case with Pre-Filing Interventions. After this, the written investigation is brought to the District Attorney’s office. There a prosecutor will review it to determine whether criminal charges will be filed. The prosecutor may reject the case, file a misdemeanor or a felony charge. This is when criminal charges can be reduced or dropped, which is why it is extremely important to have a skilled defense attorney handling your case immediately.

You should immediately ask for a attorney. Even if you have not been arrested, or if you were not involved in the crime in any way, you should not speak to the police until you have legal representation. Without an attorney by your side, you have no one to protect your legal rights and interests.

You should contact a defense lawyer as early as possible, preferably before formal charges have been filed by the District Attorney’s Office. The sooner we are on your case, the more effective we can be in defending your rights and interests. You should never speak to police without a defense attorney at your side to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

After you have been released from custody, you must post bail to provide financial assurance that you will not skip town and will return to court for appearances related to your case. There are two ways to post bail, one being with cash and the other through a bond. Your attorney can explain this to you and help you handle this aspect of your case.

An arraignment is your first court appearance where you are advised of the charges against you and where you can plead “not guilty” or “guilty.” This is not a trial. At the arraignment, your defense lawyer can obtain police reports, the criminal complaint against you, and a preliminary hearing date is set.