DUI Court Process

DUI Court Process in Beverly Hills

The Eisner & Gorin LLP law firm specializes in thorough and genuinely comprehensive defense of felony and misdemeanor DUI (driving under the influence) cases. We are qualified and genuinely experienced DUI attorneys who have managed to help thousands of clients who were charged with a DUI to avoid imprisonment, have their DUI charges reduced or even dismissed after a proper Evidence Suppression Motion. With many years of professional experience behind us and numerous DUI court victories, it is only natural that many clients seek out our DUI defense attorneys in order to benefit from their skills when dealing with DUI charges and alcohol-related crimes.

Being charged with a DUI misdemeanor or even worse, a DUI felony offense, could have a genuinely detrimental impact on your life. The vast majority of our clients did not know what to expect from the DUI court procedures or the administrative DMV hearing before they hired us to represent them. As they are unprepared, people who were charged with a DUI could make mistakes, which can then ruin their future, leave them without a job, without their license and even without their freedom. Being charged with a DUI is not like getting a simple traffic ticket. Furthermore, even lawyers who are not practicing criminal law are often unaware of California DUI legislation and may not have the legal experience that would allow them to make an informed decision in line with the DUI charges in court. You must never plead guilty without proper legal representation or a proper defense investigation.

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Our Beverly Hills DUI defense attorneys understand the issue of inadequate evidence, which the prosecutors are dealing with when trying to prove DUI charges as we have been DUI prosecutors in the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney as well as the Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney for over two decades.

Our DUI defense lawyers always work very closely with our clients to prepare a solid legal defense strategy for every single case. We find weak spots in cases all the time. After all, you should know that BAC tests are only as precise as the breathalyzers and blood tests that are being used by the law enforcement authorities. We check if those machines and devices were functional and go through every maintenance record. In cases where blood was drawn, we use an independent forensic-testing facility  to re-evaluate the police results and get accurate blood tests.

The law enforcement officers may also be using DUI Field Sobriety Tests as proof of someone’s intoxication while driving. Nevertheless, the police officers are assessing an individual’s overall performance in a genuinely subjective manner and quite often fail to take into consideration the surface of the street, the shoes that the suspect is wearing, his physical condition as well as the overall anxiety of the suspect.

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In cases when the defendant refused to submit himself to a chemical test, the prosecution will file criminal refusal allegations in order to increase the penalties for a DUI crime. Such an allegation is actually quite serious and needs to be dealt with – otherwise you risk losing your license for a year and you can even end up in jail.

If you or your loved ones were charged with a DUI in Beverly Hills, we simply must recommend that you definitely get in touch with a genuinely experienced DUI attorney at the earliest opportunity.

A proper defense strategy will be crucial for the facts of every particular DUI arrest. In some cases, we advise clients to argue the DUI charges in front of a jury. However, in cases where we are unlikely to convince the prosecutor that the case does not merit jail time and we will seek to have DUI charges dropped before the trial altogether, as a case settlement would prove to be a better option.

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