DMV Hearing

DMV Hearing

When it comes to Southern California DUI cases, DMV hearings are very important. Once you are arrested for driving under the influence, you have 10 days to initiate a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to contest the suspension of your driving privileges. Should you fail with that administrative hearing, your license will be suspended automatically.

After you are pulled over and arrested for DUI in LA, the officer that arrested you will take your license and provide you with a Notice of Suspension. This paper will act as a temporary license for 30 days while your DUI trial and the DMV hearings are underway. Once you have received the notice, you and your attorney have ten days to initiate a DMV hearing.

Eisner Gorin, LLP are known for successfully defending clients during numerous DMV hearings, hence preventing suspension of their licenses. During the Beverly Hills DMV hearing, our lawyers will have the opportunity to demonstrate evidence or testimonies that can help you keep your driving privileges up until your DUI case is heard. Keep in mind that the DMV hearing is meant to decide whether you will keep your license, not whether you are guilty of driving under the influence. Innocence or guilt will be determined during the trial.

Our DUI defense attorneys schedule the DMV hearing with the Driver Safety Office (DSO) of the California DMV and also represent you during that hearing. Having a qualified legal representative by your side could help you keep your license and could even aid you in the future with your upcoming DUI trial. Our qualified, genuinely experienced DUI attorneys know precisely what kind of evidence is required during the hearing and what kind of questions need to be asked in order to get the most from the hearing. Professional cross-examination of the arresting officer during the DMV hearing will prove to be the ideal foundation for the best possible outcome.

Get in touch with Eisner Gorin, LLP law firm representatives at the earliest opportunity in order to receive proper counsel on how to compile with the ideal defense strategy. If you or your loved ones were arrested for a DUI in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, getting help from a qualified and experienced legal representative is the very first thing you should do.

By having our DUI defense law firm with you, your odds of successfully fighting the charges and avoiding a harsh conviction will be greatly increased. We provide you with legal counsel all throughout the DUI process and will represent you during the DMV hearing. Our skillful Beverly Hills DUI lawyers will defend your legal rights, provide you with all the necessary information on the possible legal options, examine the conditions of your arrest, and even question the witnesses along with law enforcement.

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