Prescription Drug Offense

Beverly Hills Prescription Drug Offense Lawyer

Eisner & Gorin LLP law firm is cooperating with former Los Angeles Prosecutors and focuses on defending Beverly Hills prescription drug crimes. As more and more healthcare experts are willing to prescribe controlled substances to their patients more often, it is only natural that some people spiral out of control and become addicted to those prescription medications. Their bad addiction often leads to filing criminal charges in court.

When it comes to courts in California, many Health & Safety and Business & Professions Code Sections make it a criminal offense to possess prescription drugs unlawfully and the following statutes are included:

  • BP section 4060 (Cont. sub. without prescription)
  • BP section 4324 (Forgery of prescriptions)
  • HS section 11104(a) (Furnish cont. sub. for manufacturing)
  • HS section 11106(j) (Sell cont. sub. without permit
  • HS section 11152 (Non-conforming prescriptions)
  • HS section 11153(a) (Cont. sub. prescription for unlawful purpose)
  • HS section 11154 (Unlawful prescriptions)
  • HS section 11157 (False prescriptions)
  • HS section 11162.5 (Counterfeit prescriptions)

The law enforcement authorities are using the Health and Safety Code, together with the Business and Professions Code in order to prosecute healthcare experts, psychiatrists, pharmacists as well as other medical specialists, who are issuing and filling such prescriptions.

The legal penalties for being convicted of drug crimes could turn out to be quite serious indeed. Possession or Sales of Prescription-Drug Offenses, in violation of the California Health and Safety Code, imply the possibility of being sentenced to county jail or even state prison, depending on whether these are charged as misdemeanors or felonies. Hence, it is very important to ensure you hire a qualified and genuinely experienced Beverly Hills prescription drug defense expert, who really knows exactly how to defend drug crime accusations successfully. Very often, having qualified, experienced legal representation by their side, people get drug treatment instead of jail including Diversion, Deferred Entry of Judgment, or Proposition 36.

For the comfort of our clients, our central office is located across the street from the Beverly Hills Courthouse and Jail. Furthermore, our offices are also located in Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and Santa Clarita.

Hence, if you or your loved ones were charged with Prescription Drug Possession in violation of the Health and Safety Code Sections 11350 or 11377, or another California criminal code section, do not hesitate to get in touch with our criminal defense lawyers at (877) 781-1570. Our qualified and experienced legal team will examine your case and provide you with all your possible legal options in no time at all.

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