Marijuana Possession

Beverly Hills Marijuana Possession Lawyer

The national lawyer ratings service, Martindale Hubbell, recognized Eisner & Gorin, LLP as a Pre-Eminent Top 5% U.S. Law Firm. With over 50 years of combined experience in criminal courts, defending harsh drug offenses throughout the Southern California courts, including the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County as well as Santa Clarita Valley, our Beverly Hills marijuana possession attorneys will always be more than happy to provide you with all the help you may require.

The law firm is cooperating with former Los Angeles Prosecutors and is focused on defending Marijuana Possession, Cultivation and Sales charges, including violations of Health and Safety Code Sections 11359 (Possession for Sale of Marijuana), 11358 (Cultivation of Marijuana) and 11360 (Sale and Transportation of Marijuana). We are focusing on defending Marijuana Possession, Cultivation and Sales offenses in the following courts: Beverly Hills, Van Nuys, Santa Clarita, Burbank as well as all throughout Los Angeles Superior Courtrooms.

The laws in California are defining these crimes as felonies, which implies the possibility of being sentenced to state prison. For every single crime, the prosecutors will need to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the defendant actually knew the drugs were in his or her presence and that he or she was intending to cultivate, sell or transport marijuana.

We develop The Most Effective Defense Strategy

In cases where law enforcement officers are unable to get fingerprints from the containers or packaging the marijuana was in, the defense will be able to contest to whom those drugs belonged and could argue that the defendant is innocent and never responsible for the drug transportation or sales allegations. In addition, any type of constitutional violations that were committed by the police could lead to the whole case being dismissed to begin with.

It is very important, crucial even, to make sure that you are retaining the legal services of a qualified and genuinely experienced Beverly Hills marijuana possession lawyer who realizes how to successfully defend any and all types of marijuana drug charges. In fact, our law firm managed to successfully defend plenty of clients who were charged with marijuana possession. The law firm also secured the dismissal of a plethora of marijuana cases via aggressive representation prior to the charges being filed, right at the preliminary hearing as well as in the court trial.

Regardless of the passage of Proposition 215 in California, a number of LASD and LAPD officers are actually choosing to neglect such things and are basically arresting the suspect, confiscating any and all medicinal marijuana and leaving the courts to figure things out on its own. The conflict between the federal laws and the state actually led local police to abuse their authority. Well, our aggressive legal representation for marijuana charges actually helped us dismiss a number of cases of marijuana possession and sales, even for someone working at the medicinal marijuana dispensary who was charged with possessing over 25 pounds of cannabis.

In yet another relatively recent case that we were handling, the client received several ounces of marijuana back from the LAPD after the District Attorney decided to dismiss the case right in the middle of the preliminary hearing. It was our marijuana defense lawyers who have managed to prove to the court that the case had substantial issues with the evidence. The medical doctor who was consulting the case was actually subpoenaed to testify, while the LAPD “expert” was not at all familiar with the basic provisions of Medical Marijuana laws. Hence, the case was dismissed. If you were arrested and charged with marijuana possession offense, please contact us at (877) 781-1570 or fill out online contact form.

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