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Beverly Hills Criminal Defense Attorney

beverly-hills-criminal-defense-attorney-jay-jaffebeverly hill criminal defense lawyer dmitry gorinThe criminal defense law firm of Eisner Gorin LLP offers outstanding legal assistance and representation for individuals facing any type of criminal charges in Beverly Hills. Our law partners have decades of experience defending clients throughout southern California in DUIs and other criminal matters with proven results. With nearly 100 years of combined legal and courtroom experience, our Beverly Hills criminal defense attorneys can provide professional service of the highest caliber. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned as knowledgeable, aggressive, and results-oriented. Recognized as Preeminent Law Firm by a national lawyers’ review service, our firm has the distinction of being ranked in the top 5% of all U.S. law firms.

Our Beverly Hills law partners are former senior prosecutors, a Criminal Law Specialist certified by the California State Bar, and a distinguished law professor at UCLA and Pepperdine University. Jay Jaffe, who is Of Counsel to Eisner Gorin LLP, is a Beverly Hills Certified Criminal Law Specialist with over 40 years of legal experience. Because our law partners have a background as prosecutors, we understand both sides of criminal law cases and can apply our comprehensive understanding to any case we defend. When you work with our firm, you will have the benefit of his experience litigating hundreds of cases in the local court systems during the past several decades. We can offer you the resources, advocacy, and effective skills needed for success both in and out of court.

At our Beverly Hills criminal defense law firm, your case will never be relegated to a new attorney, intern, or assistant. Your case will be litigated in court by one of our experienced Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyers. To fully assist you, we also provide our own on-site private investigator as well as three paralegals. Our legal staff speaks English, Spanish, Armenian and Russian.

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You may have been arrested, charged, or under police investigation for a crime. Under these circumstances, it is crucial that you act quickly in contacting our firm. In some cases where it is warranted, early involvement on the part of our firm may result in charges against you being dropped or significantly reduced. Because we have our own private investigator, we can uncover the facts about your case and we are not afraid to challenge police reports or information. We can also intervene on your behalf with prosecutors and judges in legal proceedings aimed against you.

If you are facing criminal charges of are under a criminal investigation in Beverly Hill, contact our Beverly Hills criminal defense law office for a free consultation about your case.

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Beverly Hills Criminal Cases We Handle

Our firm handles all criminal cases – misdemeanor and felony, and we are fully qualified to do so in both state and federal courts. The list of cases we defend includes, but not limited to:

Why Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Right For You

We strongly advise all of our potential clients to thoroughly go through our legal credentials and realize that not all legal representatives have the same. Nowadays, advertising and promotions you see on the internet are often misleading. Numerous search engines can provide you with lists of attorneys sorted by area, specifics of your case, gender, years of experience etc. However, there is one thing it cannot tell you – whether or not you will be able to connect with your attorney and fully trust him.

Therefore, we have put together a few suggestions to help you select the right attorney for you:

  • Once you have selected a few attorneys who would fit your needs, you should invest time in researching credentials and reviews. It is highly important to mention that among all sources available on line; you need to make sure you are referring only to reliable sources. Believe it or not, but there are on line services that will sell good reviews. One of the sources we would recommend is AVVO. Our law firm is 10.0 AVVO rated and this is what separates us from other law firms.
  • Do not underestimate a free consultation. In fact, this first meeting will tell you a lot more about a law firm then their web page. We suggest you come prepared. First, take a look at the picture of an attorney, so you know you are talking to an attorney, not his assistant at the initial consultation. Surely, while you were researching potential attorneys and reading about cases they have handled, you came up with numerous questions regarding your own case. Put all your questions in a list and take it with you to the initial consultation. Make sure to ask the attorney you are meeting with about strategies he is planning to use in your structuring your defense. We understand that being arrested is a very difficult life situation and we offer 24/7 free initial consultation. Our court victories speak for themselves.

And Most Importantly

  • Personal connection with your potential attorney is incredibly important for a successful defense. Once you hired an attorney you will need to be utterly honest with him or her. It is important to feel comfortable to talk to your attorney about your case without being judged. If you are not able to understand your attorney or feel at ease he will not be able to build a successful defense strategy.

Take an Advantage of Free 24/7 Consultation With Beverly Hills Criminal Lawyer Now

Nowadays, nearly every respected law firm offers a free initial consultation. However, there is one important detail that is being kept from you on most of those consultations. Often, initial consultation is not provided by an actual attorney due to his busy schedule, but rather by a paralegal or case manager. This is an important fact, which, most likely, means that your case will be lead by the paralegal or case manager and an attorney will only supervise his work. Here at Eisner Gorin LLP, we find it unacceptable.

When scheduling your free initial consultation, you can rest assured you will be meeting with one of our professional attorneys – Dmitry Gorin, Alan Eisner or Jay Jaffe. Furthermore, if you decide to obtain our services your case will be worked on by the same attorney you have met initially. Here at Eisner Gorin LLP we strongly believe in building a personal connection with our clients. You can be sure your case will not be bumped from one lawyer to another. You will be working with one attorney who will provide regular updates on your case. Please call our Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney at (877) 781-1570 or fill out online contact form to request free case review.

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